The Owner’s Hat

At Bellevue Realty, we wear our “Owner’s Hat” seven days a week.  As multigenerational owners and managers of a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate assets, we bring long term, strategic thinking to every project.  Regardless of whether it is in-house or third party, we broker and manage every asset the same way: as if we owned it ourselves.

Who We Are

In 1924, Dominick Cantera completed his first construction project in Wilmington, Delaware.  Over nearly 100 years and in partnership with his son Carl Cantera and brother-in-law Arthur Carota, Dominick’s company evolved and grew into Bellevue Companies, parent of Bellevue Realty Co. and Bellevue Contractors.

Combined with its sister company, Bellevue Contractors, Bellevue Realty Co. offers decades of experience and expertise in development, construction, brokerage and management in the Delaware Valley and beyond.

Local knowledge, comprehensive expertise, and the “Owner’s Hat” are what set us apart and make Bellevue Realty Co. the clear choice in the region.

They're Happy

The Bellevue team has done a terrific job managing our shopping centers. Always taking a long term approach, they treat every decision as if they owned the properties, whether it is working with tenants, trouble-shooting problems or evaluating future development options. We are pleased to be partnering with such a knowledgeable and committed group of real estate professionals.

Retail Center Owner

Bellevue brought our shopping center to 100% occupancy in a competitive market and always wears their “owners hat” with their advice. Great professionals and even better people.

Retail Center Owner